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Best Engineering Jobs near Nashville TN

Best Engineering Jobs Near Nashville TN

What is the best engineering company to work for near Nashville, TN?

When looking for the best engineering jobs near Nashville, TN, Reliable MicroSystems is a company you should consider. 

Who is Reliable MicroSystems?

Reliable MicroSystems is a world-renowned radiation-hardened technology company in Nashville, Tennessee. Reliable MicroSystems designs and manufactures microelectronic systems for space and defense applications.

Since 2015, Reliable MicroSystems has been focused on providing high-quality components to the top aerospace companies in the world. We are confident that our employees have everything they need to succeed here at Rel-Micro:

  • State-of-the-art equipment.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Dedicated management and support staff.
  • Excellent working conditions.
  • Benefits that go beyond what most companies offer their employees today.

We are also proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer, offering competitive benefits and compensation packages.

What Does Reliable MicroSystems Do?

Reliable MicroSystems is a defense contractor that designs and manufactures radiation-hardened electronics for the military and aerospace industries. 

Here are just a few reasons why Reliable MicroSystems has the best engineering jobs near Nashville, TN:

  • We help engineers advance their skills through continued education classes and on-the-job training from leading world experts in radiation-hardened technology. 
  • We work with local universities like Vanderbilt University, the Univerity of Tennessee, and many others, and we have excellent contacts, resources, and connections we can utilize to bring in area experts on specific projects.
  • We offer state-of-the-art in-house capabilities that allow you to succeed and discover more.
  • We are the absolute leaders in the innovation of microelectronic design. Our engineers have opportunities to participate in projects that continue to be groundbreaking and exciting and allow them to make a name for themselves in this industry.
  • We partner with the DoD and other government branches to build a safer tomorrow for our families and fellow Americans.

What Makes an Engineering Job The Right Fit?

  • Good pay – With our company’s competitive salary and benefits package, we can offer our employees high wages for their hard work.
  • Great benefits – Reliable MicroSystems offers many benefits, including healthcare coverage and retirement plans like 401k plans. Our commitment to providing quality care for our employees means nothing less than the best for them!
  • An excellent work environment – Reliable MicroSystems believes that comradery while you work, is one of the most critical factors regarding productivity and employee morale. That’s why you’ll find employees who collaborate and troubleshoot well with each other, partnering on critical projects. 

Whom would you be working with at Reliable MicroSystems

As a Reliable MicroSystems employee, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a team of scientists, engineers, and researchers who are as passionate about their work as they are dedicated to helping our clients get the desired results. These are some of the world’s leading experts in radiation-hardened technology. 

The following people are just some of those who would be working with you at Reliable MicroSystems:

  • Dr. Lloyd W. Massengill — International expert in transient radiation failure modes in advanced semiconductor technologies. Has discovered failure modes in the most advanced microelectronics technology nodes (presently 14nm FinFET) and designed hardening solutions in both digital and analog circuitry. Dr. Massengill has over 300 technical publications with 10,023 citations, an h-index of 54, and an i10-index of 191. 
  • Dr. Jeffrey Kauppila — Dr. Kauppila has been involved in design support activities for a DOD strategic defense system program in multiple design disciplines, including analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits, control electronics modules, and power supply/converter design. Dr. Kauppila has served as a reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science and the Journal of Radiation Effects Research and Engineering several times. Dr. Kauppila has multiple technical/trade publications. Dr. Kauppila is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Tennessee.
  • Dr. W. Timothy Holman – Dr. Holman is an expert on designing low noise / low power analog and mixed-signal (AMS) circuits and systems, the design of radiation-hardened circuits, the simulation and modeling of AMS circuits, and the design of radiation-hardened circuitry for deep submicron IC processes. Dr. Holman has developed several new techniques for the radiation hardening of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits and assisted in designing radiation-tolerant PLLs, DLLs, ADCs, voltage references, and operational amplifiers. He has over 100 publications in analog and mixed-signal circuit modeling and simulation, including the design and simulation of radiation-hardened integrated circuits.

What types of engineering jobs are available near Nashville, TN?

Reliable MicroSystems is hiring many types of engineering jobs near Nashville, TN.

See our job offerings here!

Come work for Reliable MicroSystems, where we are innovating microelectronics for a safer tomorrow.

Reliable MicroSystems, LLC (Rel-Micro) is a world-class design organization specializing in concept-to-foundry creation and maturation of high-reliability electronic for mission-critical applications. We are based in Nashville, Tennessee


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