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Engineering Jobs in Indiana

Engineering Jobs In Indiana

Reliable MicroSystems is looking for talented engineers to join our team!

Does Reliable MicroSystems Have Open Engineering Jobs in Indiana? 

We are a world-renowned radiation-hardened technology company headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, that has just opened our second location in Odon, IN, and is actively hiring engineers of all levels. 

Since 2015, Reliable MicroSystems has been dedicated to providing top-of-the-line components to the most prestigious aerospace companies in the world. We work closely with the DoD to manufacture radiation-hardened systems for space and defense applications. 

We are confident that our employees have all the necessary tools to reach success here at Rel-Micro:  

  • Advanced technology
  • Modern equipment
  • Dedicated administration and assistance staff
  • Ideal working conditions
  • Benefits that exceed the standards of most businesses nowadays
  • We also take pride in being an Equal Opportunity Employer with attractive compensation and benefits packages.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, cutting-edge technology, and dedicated management and support staff make Reliable MicroSystems the perfect place to find engineering jobs near you!

Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why Reliable MicroSystems Has The Best Engineering Jobs Near You: 

  • We provide engineers with the chance to develop their skills through continuing education courses and on-the-job training from leading experts in radiation-hardened technology.  
  • We collaborate with universities like Purdue University, Indiana University, and others. 
  • We have excellent contacts, resources, and connections available to bring in local professionals for specific projects. 
  • We offer cutting-edge in-house capabilities that let you excel and learn more. 
  • We are the absolute leaders in the advancement of microelectronic design. 
  • Our engineers can take part in projects that continue to be innovative and thrilling, enabling them to make a name for themselves in this field. 
  • We partner with the DoD and other government agencies to build a better tomorrow for our families and fellow citizens.

We offer competitive benefits, compensation packages, and opportunities to learn from leading world experts in radiation-hardened technology. At Reliable MicroSystems, you will join a team of experienced professionals, such as Dr. Lloyd Massengill, Dr. Jeffrey Kauppila, Dr. W. Timothy Holman, and many more. You will work on cutting-edge projects and develop the latest radiation-hardened semiconductors.  

Our engineers have the chance to participate in groundbreaking projects and make a name for themselves in the industry. Come work for Reliable MicroSystems and make a difference in engineering, where we are innovating microelectronics for a safer tomorrow.

What Types Of Engineering Jobs Are Available in Indiana?

Reliable MicroSystems is hiring many types of engineering jobs in Indiana.

See our job offerings here!

If you have the skills and experience needed to join the Reliable MicroSystems team, we are offering competitive salaries and excellent benefits. Plus, we are conveniently located in Odan, making this the perfect place to look for engineering jobs in Indiana.   

Apply today and join the Reliable MicroSystems team!

Reliable MicroSystems, where we are innovating microelectronics for a safer tomorrow.


Reliable MicroSystems, LLC (Rel-Micro) is a world-class design organization specializing in concept-to-foundry creation and maturation of high-reliability electronic for mission-critical applications. We are based in Nashville, Tennessee


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