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Reliable MicroSystems Collaborates with Luddy School of Engineering

Reliable MicroSystems Collaborates with Luddy School of Engineering to Strengthen Workforce Development Commitment to NSWC Crane

June 13, 2023

Dr. Lloyd Massengill and Dr. Jeff Kaupella

Reliable MicroSystems is furthering its commitment to workforce development in partnership with Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division. This collaboration entails the addition of two renowned adjunct lecturers to the faculty of the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, with a specific focus on microelectronics.

Dr. Lloyd Massengill, CEO and Founder of Reliable MicroSystems and former director of engineering for Vanderbilt University’s Institute for Space and Defense Electronics, brings a wealth of experience to the classroom. He has led groundbreaking research and development efforts supporting the U.S. Navy. Notably, he spearheaded the design-modeling support for the Trident Mk6 program, showcasing his expertise in the field of microelectronics.

Joining Dr. Massengill is Dr. Jeff Kauppila, CTO of Reliable MicroSystems. Dr. Kauppila specializes in radiation effects modeling and radiation-hardened design for microelectronics, making him an invaluable asset to the Luddy School’s lectures. His profound knowledge and practical insights in this domain will undoubtedly contribute to the comprehensive education of students.

This collaboration is part of the broader partnership between MicroSystems@WestGate Technology Park and the Luddy School, with both entities actively supporting the Department of Defense ecosystem through their rad-hardened microelectronics services. By combining the expertise of Dr. Massengill and Dr. Kauppila, the Luddy School is poised to offer unparalleled seminars and courses that provide students with valuable skills, addressing the specific needs of the Crane workforce and beyond.

The seminars will be held at Crane’s WestGate@Crane Technology Park, a state-of-the-art facility that fosters an environment conducive to innovation and learning. Students attending these seminars will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from industry leaders and accomplished professors, gaining real-world insights and practical knowledge in microelectronics.

In addition to the collaboration with Reliable MicroSystems, the Luddy School has also enlisted the expertise of NSWC Crane scientist Austin Roach, an adjunct professor in intelligent systems engineering. Roach, a recipient of the prestigious Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Technical Agent of the Year award, further strengthens the faculty with his expertise in reverse engineering embedded systems.

The Luddy School, under the visionary leadership of Dean Joanna Millunchick, aims to leverage the wealth of knowledge and expertise of NSWC Crane personnel to equip students with the skills necessary for success in the field of microelectronics. By offering these seminars and courses, the Luddy School demonstrates its commitment to the success and growth of its students, aligning with the educational pillars outlined in IU 2030, the university’s strategic plan for the next seven years.

Furthermore, Indiana University is set to launch master’s degrees in microelectronic design and nanofabrication in the fall of 2024. The Luddy School is actively working with local industries to develop new undergraduate degrees that cater to emerging technical areas, ensuring that students are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills required by the industry. Reliable MicroSystems is excited to bring these skills and knowledge to the students pursuing these new technical degrees as we work together to bring microelectronic design back into the United States for the security and safety of our nation. 

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