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Reliable MicroSystems Attends the HEART Conference

Reliable MicroSystems recently participated in the prestigious Hardened Electronics and Radiation Technology (HEART) Conference, a vital forum for the exchange of information in the nuclear weapon effects (NWE) and radiation-hardened electronics (RHE) community. Founded in 1982 by the Defense Nuclear Agency and Sandia National Laboratories, HEART is a peer-reviewed conference that covers original research and development, including restricted access and classified information.

The objective of the HEART Conference is to provide a platform for presenting classified, Official Use Only (OUO) unclassified, and export-controlled information concerning the NWE/RHE community. The research presented at HEART undergoes a rigorous peer-review process and, if accepted, is published in the Journal of Radiation Effects Research and Engineering (JRERE), a refereed journal available to the NWE/RHE community.

Reliable MicroSystems’ participation in the HEART Conference underscores its commitment to advancing the field of high-reliability electronics for mission-critical applications. By attending this event, Reliable MicroSystems has demonstrated its dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and contributing to the exchange of knowledge in the NWE/RHE community.

The HEART Conference typically spans 3 1/2 days and covers various topics, including Devices and Circuits, EMP, Electro-Optics, Facilities/Testing Technologies, and Space Systems/Experiments. The conference also includes a Short Course session to help professionals stay updated on the latest technical developments and train the next generation of NWE/RHE workforce.

Reliable MicroSystems’ participation in the HEART Conference highlights its commitment to innovation, collaboration, and excellence in the field of high-reliability electronics. By engaging with the HEART community, Reliable MicroSystems continues to strengthen its position as a leader in the industry and a key contributor to advancements in NWE and RHE technologies.

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