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Reliable MicroSystems is Committed to Williamson County

Reliable MicroSystems is Committed to Revolutionizing the Microelectronics Sector and Positioning Williamson County as a Global Center for Research and Innovation


Williamson County

FRANKLIN, TN – May 17, 2023 – Reliable MicroSystems (Rel-Micro), a leading microelectronics company, announced its unwavering commitment to transforming Williamson County into a global hub for research and innovation. With a recent expansion in Franklin, the company aims to establish itself as an industry leader and spearhead the growth of technology sectors in Middle Tennessee.

Rel-Micro’s expanded office space in Franklin was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by Williamson Inc. last month. The event was attended by local dignitaries, industry professionals, and representatives from other businesses around Williamson County. Many have expressed enthusiasm for the company’s exponential growth and highlighted its contribution to the U.S. military and aerospace industries.

Leaning into the growing demand in the microelectronics industry, Rel-Micro is strategically positioned to capitalize on the current technology boom, particularly in the semiconductor sector. Julia Buckley, Chief Operations Officer of Rel-Micro, emphasized the company’s decision to establish its headquarters in Middle Tennessee to bring technological advancements to the region.

The leadership team at Rel-Micro, all of whom hail from Williamson County and the surrounding areas, demonstrates a deep commitment to their community. Recognizing the importance of giving back, Buckley shared, “We want to be good stewards of the community. We’ve found that one way we can do that is through sponsoring school groups.” Rel-Micro proudly supports local schools’ robotics teams and engages its engineers in speaking engagements and student collaborations.

In addition to supporting the Williamson County community, Rel-Micro is working to be unique in its industry by designing microchips to survive in harsh conditions where failure is not an option. “There are not many companies in the nation that do that, and we’re known for our expertise in that area,” said Buckley. Additionally, Rel-Micro operates a second location in Crane, Indiana, where it partners with the U.S. Navy base to deliver top-quality semiconductor and microchip technology to serve the United States.

“We have many exciting initiatives in progress aimed at revitalizing microelectronics and semiconductors in the United States, ensuring our strategic dominance in the global market,” Buckley affirmed.

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Reliable MicroSystems is a leading microelectronics company that provides state-of-the-art solutions for diverse industries. With headquarters in Middle Tennessee and a second location strategically partnered with the U.S. Navy base in Crane, Indiana, Rel-Micro is committed to revolutionizing the microelectronics sector and positioning Williamson County as a global center for research and innovation.

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