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Dr. Matt Thompson

Program Manager, WestGate Design Support Center
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In extreme environments, as expected in earth orbit, exploratory space, or even in the specialized environments of nuclear reactors or nuclear weapons, microelectronic circuitry must endure a host of radiation hazards…
The creation of soft errors due to the propagation of single event transients (SETs) is a significant reliability challenge in modern CMOS logic. SET concerns continue to be exacerbated by Moore’s Law technology scaling…
This paper discusses several attributes of integrated circuit scaling in relation to radiation soft error failure modes and vulnerability.
Physical mechanisms responsible for nondestructive single-event effects in digital microelectronics are reviewed, concentrating on silicon MOS devices and integrated circuits…

Management Team

Dr. Matt Thompson

Program Manager, WestGate Design Support Center

Matt Thompson, DSL is an experienced leader and serves as a Program Manager for Reliable MicroSystems. He has a successful background focused on operations, project management, and program management at various organizational levels. Matt started his career in law enforcement as a patrol officer, then transitioned to the Army where he filled roles such as Company Commander, Division Force Protection Officer, Brigade Operations Officer, Battalion Executive Officer, and Division Inspector General. He left active duty in 2022 for a project management position at NSWC Crane; although, he still serves in the U.S. Army Reserve. In May 2023, he joined Reliable MicroSystems as a Program Manager.

His education includes a B.A. from Purdue University, where he majored in Law & Society. He obtained a M.A. in Business and Organizational Security Management from Webster University in 2016. And he completed a professional doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership through Liberty University in 2022. His military education includes the U.S. Army’s Military Police Basic Officer Leadership Course, Military Police Captain’s Career Course, and is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

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